TurbochargeMyBrand with PUNB

TurbochargeMyBrand PUNB

Unleashing More Brand Power in TurbochargeMyBrand with PUNB

Guess who was back in action! Our Chief-Geek Silmyi M. Sadek, Geek-in-Command Manisah Sarujee, and Community Geek Ahmad Danial were camped out in Eastin Kuala Lumpur (in Petaling Jaya if you want to be technical about it) for our latest #TurbochargeMyBrand in collaboration with PUNB. Here’s how our newest cohort of Turbochargers got on!

The session was held on 9-10 November 2022 joined by 34 participants from more than 20 businesses operating in various industries, ranging from food & beverage, healthcare, professional services, education, automotive and more. Participants came from all over Peninsula Malaysia and some were regular PUNB training attendees.

In the two-day training, we deep dived into the topics of branding and marketing essentials, from strategy building, brand positioning, brand identity development, strategic marketing to smartphone photography and packaging. With their unique challenges, the participants learned hands-on exercises to recognise their brands’ potentials, including how to improve their respective brand names, logos, taglines and marketing collateral through the Design Clinic which concluded the two-days’ program.

Throughout the program, the attendees were actively sharing their business and marketing experiences with the rest. This was done as part of the training exercises as well as impromptu sharing. In fact, Klinik Angkasa and Hamidah Curtain won themselves a free brand diagnostic session for each of their companies worth RM2,500 for being the best participants in the Brand Asset Audit and Brand Promise exercises, respectively.

Thank you PUNB as host and organisers as well as to all participants for their active involvement and positive attitude. We hope their brand has been Turbocharged and that they truly Unleash their Brand Power! We wish the participants continue their spirit of sharing in the Turbocharge Community Portal as well as in the training WhatsApp group.

See you in the next #TurbochargeMyBrand! F&B entrepreneurs from Pahang, we are coming to Kuantan. See you soon!

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