Celebrating Success: Graduation Ceremony for DALIA Go B.I.G with TurbochargeMyBrand Marketing Tech Adoption Series 2023

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On 1 March 2024, Brand Geeks Inc proudly hosted a memorable graduation ceremony in Subang Jaya, marking the culmination of the DALIA GO B.I.G with TurbochargeMyBrand Marketing Tech Adoption Series 2023 program.

DALIA GO B.I.G with TurbochargeMyBrand Marketing Tech Adoption Series 2023 was a program sponsored by Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC) for MSMEs to improve their marketing productivity with technology. Between July – Dec 2023, 100 MSMEs successfully completed the program recording increase in efficiency, brand awareness and sales as well as reducing marketing expenses. This event was a celebration of the efforts by the MSMEs and Marketing Technopreneurs to learn and adopt marketing technology to address their specific marketing problem statements and achieve measurable results.


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100 SMEs were 100% matched with 15 marketing technology tools (comprising 10 local active technopreneurs and 5 international) covering E-Commerce Websites (EasyStore & OrderSini), Email Marketing (Mailchimp), Project Management (Favro), Social Media Analytics, Creative & Planning (LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Adqlo, Canva & Buffer), Influencer Marketing (SushiVid), Website Analytics (Howuku), Chatbot/Messenger Marketing (Nous & Mimin), Public Relations Tech (PubliCT. io) & Digital Ads/Persona Analytics (MedAds & Dattel).

Here are some notable productivity improvements reported by the MSMEs from adopting marketing technology in our program.

Increased Efficiency:

  • Median content creation time reduced from 66 to 4 hours (Dattel).

  • Median press release creation time reduced from 3 hours to 10 minutes (Publict.io).

  • Median messaging time reduced from 36 hours to 1 hour (Mimin).

  • Enhanced data visualization with 85.9-99.9% deduction on time spent and data visualisation of 200 reports (Adqlo)

  • Faster & simpler interaction with clients (Mesolitica)

  • Improved decisionmaking efficiency, streamlining operations and expanding their online presence (Easystore).

Increased Brand Awareness:

  • Achieved potential media reach of 797,295,334 (Publict.io).

  • Reached 62,252 FB ads audience (Dattel).

  • Generated 850 leads (LinkedIn Sales Navigator).

Reduction in Marketing Expenses:

  • Cost Reduction – from RM2,925 to RM720 (Mimin) and RM800 to RM199 (Easystore).

  • Savings in market study from RM10k to RM1k (Dattel).

  • Reduction in Hiring Cost by 30% (Mesolitica).

Sales Target Achievement:

  • Total Targeted – RM14,549,628.30.

  • Actual During Program (up to 2-4 weeks per cohort) – RM262,583.50

Key Event Highlights:


(Left) The event commenced with an opening speech by Manisah Sarujee, Director & Geek-in-Command at Brand Geeks Inc.
Dr. Halimaton, Director of the Technology Section at MPC then delivered an insightful speech, highlighting the significance of technology adoption in driving business growth.

One of the highlights of the ceremony was the sharing of success stories by 7 MSMEs, showcasing tangible results achieved from adopting marketing technology. 

success stories

MSMEs sharing success stories, from left – Manisah Sarujee (Brand Geeks Inc) with Qadijah (Enoku), Abbas (Mesolitica), Nik Anees Liyana (Monkeynastix), Liyana Azim (doctorkayu), Hanniz (Best Events Production), Nik Fatihas (Gamat Emas) and Selina Chong (JDV Cafe).


Subsequently, certificates were awarded to the MSMEs, local Marketing Techies (SushiVid, MedAds, Mesolitica, Mimin, EasyStore, PubliCT.io, Dattel, Howuku & Adqlo) and Channel Partners (TERAJU, MRANTI, MATRADE, E3Hub, Bioeconomy Corp, BinaPavo, MyCreative, myHarapan & SME Corp. Malaysia), acknowledging their dedication and accomplishments throughout the program.


A special mention to TERAJU and E3Hub for being the largest contributors of participants to this program.


A special appreciation was extended to the Malaysia Productivity Corporation for their invaluable support in making the program a success. Brand Geeks Inc commisioned doctorkayu for the personalised rehals, in support of local crafts ahead of the policy announcement made by our Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim just recently, that all government departments and agencies, as well as government-linked companies, buy handicrafts produced by local businesses as gifts.

Exciting activities in 2024!

Dr Halimaton
Silmyi Sadek

The ceremony concluded with closing remarks by Silmyi Mohamed Sadek, Director & Chief Geek at Brand Geeks Inc, who unveiled the exciting lineup of upcoming activities for 2024:-

  • Techie Boost 2024 (from April 2024) (for technopreneurs)

  • Turbocharge ProGroup 2024 (from May 2024)(mastermind group – quarterly subscription basis) (for all businesses)

  • Turbocharge.Live Marketing Tech Conference 2024 (August 2024 – in-person event in Klang Valley) (for all businesses)

Thank you for participating in Dalia TurbochargeMyBrand 2023 and for being part of our growing Turbocharge Community. Brand Geeks Inc has been nurturing this community of entrepreneurs since 2012 and has seen start-ups become scale-ups and even industry leaders.

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