Emerge with MyTeksi: Case Study

MyTeksi e1596612451223.png

Grab is Malaysia’s only unicorn and has conquered South East Asia with 11 Million users, 200,000 drivers, over 3,000 employees and a valuation of USD6 Billion, all achieved over the course of 5 years.
Prior to all this, Aaron Gill, representing MyTeksi, a team of 6 developers, was the first to sign-up to Cradle Turbocharge 2012. Our program helped MyTeksi with enhancing their approach to move from prototyping to commercialisation as they were due to launch their new and unproven app with their pioneer group of 50 taxi drivers without their own marketing team in place.
We helped them resolve a key question in their business model and brand identity, i.e. who were their real customers, passengers or drivers?
They also refined their logo and adopted input on their launch strategy obtained during the boot camp? Post-launch in 2013, we also assisted in their new market entries in Johor Bharu as well as Jakarta.

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