Persona Analytics: How to Increase Your Productivity in Marketing?

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Understanding the Customer Behaviour using Persona Analytics

A marketing strategy must be based on accurate and relevant persona analytics. This can help us to make sure that the messaging and content are relevant to the values of the target customer, which could increase marketing productivity. Follow Manisah Sarujee, our Geek-in-Command, and Encik Mohd Husaini Hassan, the second generation of Hassan Hardware, as he shares his experiences of using persona analytics to increase marketing productivity. Throughout this session, they discuss about how Dattel Voyager has helped Hassan Hardware understand their customer behaviour and offer numerous advantages for their promotion.

Thursday, 22 June 2022 – Our Geek-in-Command got the opportunity to share about how brands could increase their productivity by using persona analytics with the topic “Turbocharge Your Brand With Consumer Intelligence” during the Malaysia Productivity Corporation’s Go B.I.G webinar. Manisah Sarujee’s guest was Encik Mohd Husaini Hassan, the second generation of Hassan Hardware who she had coached over a 3 months program in a program hosted by MPC’s Digital Productivity Nexus in 2021. Hassan Hardware has over 38 years of experience in the supply of building materials and En Hussaini carries the responsibility of taking the brand forward for its next generation of customers.

The highlight of the session was on how Hassan Hardware had increased productivity in their marketing by reducing advertising cost from RM3,000 a month for 2 branches to RM500 a month for 5 branches! During the webinar, En Hussaini and Encik Nabil Fikri had explained how they were able to step up their brand promotion by using the persona analytics and FB ad sets generated from Dattel Voyager.

Hassan Hardware finds that Dattel Voyager helps them understand their customer behavior. With the persona analytics, they are also able to ensure that  the content and the messaging are relevant to the values of their target customers. Their first experience of using Dattel Voyager was interesting as Voyager provides very complete data. Although it is quite difficult at first, they also found Voyager as very helpful in defining the customer segments and products that would suit those customers. En Husaini found that he could provide better directions to his creative and digital marketing teams. The team also found it easier to get his approval of both the budget and designs.

The benefit of using Dattel Voyager

Along the discussion, Hassan Hardware shared that Dattel voyager is very helpful and gives numerous benefits for their brand promotion.

  1. Faster turnaround of decision making. With the  complete data on consumer behavior, the brand could decide on who to target in a shorter timeline.
  2. Support for more effective campaigns. With input on the target customer’s preferred media, values and recommended messaging, the Hassan Hardware team could turnaround faster from ideation to roll-out of campaigns.
  3. Understanding of the consumers they target has also made the contents more meaningful and  campaign messages delivered well to the targeted customer.
  4. Furthermore by using Dattel, It is really easy to evaluate the progress and the result of the campaign since the day one the campaign was published.

During wrap-up, Manisah also shared about the ability for brands to book REV Ads Manager from the Persona Analytics generated by Dattel Voyager. She also shared about brands could learn more about Dattel Voyager as well as other marketing tech tools to help them with their brand strategy, promotion & analytics during the conference powered by Brand Geeks Inc, Turbocharge.Live 2022 – Marketing Tech, Future Forward.

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