Delivering Smartly

The Smart Selangor agenda was launched with a vision for Selangor to be a dynamic, vibrant, rich and caring Smart State by 2025. The Smart Selangor Delivery Unit (“SSDU”) is the division mandated to deliver this vision.

The Brand Identity of SSDU conveys their role while supporting the essence of Smart Selangor itself. Towards this, the logo, tagline and supporting designs, including interior graphics, emanate a sense of dynamism, fluidity and optimism. The logo itself is derived from the map of Selangor combined with data analytics visualisation. The tagline, Catalysing Future Selangor, further strengthens the Brand Identity with a clear mission statement.

We continued to support SSDU in the promotion of the Smart Selangor initiatives in 2017 by designing marketing collateral in both multimedia and graphic formats, namely for the Selangor Intelligent Transport System (SITS), Community Opinions On-Line (COOL) and Selangor Intelligent Response System (IRS).