MBI IG Campaign Support

MBI Selangor (MBI) established it’s new Integrity & Governance Department in 2020 in response to the mandate from the Prime Minister’s Department. The objective of the Brand Transformation initiative is to establish Integrity & Governance (IG) as a core foundation of MBI’s vision and mission, not just for itself but also for its entire group consisting of 24 direct subsidiaries and further on.

Phase 1 of the project involved a series of focus group discussions with internal and external stake holders and a comprehensive staff survey to ensure that a clear baseline was established as to the level of awareness, understanding and adoption of the IG Policies. This was then followed by the formulation of the MBI IG Brand Identity, consisting of its Brand Promise, Brand Architecture and Brand Messaging.

In Phase 2, the MBI IG Brand Identity System was then designed to provide all necessary brand assets with a vibrant and professional design scheme to project an image of warmth and approachability while conveying a serious subject matter. Key marketing collateral such as a dedicated IG website and an IG Handbook (“Buku Panduan Integriti”) were also developed.

For Phase 3, BGI continued to provide campaign support for both physical events as well as digital presence. This was done in collaboration with the IG Department as well as Corporate Communications. A major event is the upcoming “Ikrar Bebas Rasuah bersama Rakan Perniagaan” scheduled for 1 September 2022, to be officiated by the Menteri Besar of Selangor himself.