Embracing Fashionista Mothers & Daughters

Belle Babies Design (“BBD”) is well on its way towards creating a niche brand in the premium apparel segment for girls and young ladies. To further enable their rapid growth towards becoming a more holistic and expansive lifestyle brand, we helped BBD to craft their scale-up branding and marketing strategy.

While their current clientele consists of mainly young girls below the age of 10, it was imperative that the Brand Identity would enable BBD to grow as their customers blossomed into young ladies. The Brand Promise is anchored on the “Joy, Glee & Memories” created across generations.

The brand refresh entailed a tweak of their logo and design of a complete Brand Identity System for BBD’s current range, as well as preparing for their future range of products. Critical marketing collateral was developed, namely their company profile, look book, website and distributor kit, to cater to their various stakeholders.