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Refreshing a Classic Brand Family

In the dynamic world of retail, the challenges faced by PKNS Real Estate Company (PREC) to increase the profile of their properties was multi-faceted. An important early step was to consolidate and streamline the multiple brand identities of their various malls and office buildings.

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  • June 23, 2018
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Through a concerted effort, we designed and developed a brand identity system for the malls and the office buildings that was unique as well as scalable for future developments. The logo concept for the malls is based on 9 petals in fresh and vibrant colours that represent the districts of Selangor, whereas the logo concept for the office buildings is based on adaptable triangles representing unlimited growth.

Photoshoots covering the PREC team and properties provided an image bank for all their collaterals including the 7 websites developed for PREC, the malls and the office buildings.