Max out the Brand

ProximaX is a leader in the blockchain industry with presence across the globe. They needed assistance to streamline their brand architecture and create a scalable design system to power-up their marketing.

The Sola Warriors of Suncrox Solar, led by Noor Shahiwan have been championing the cause of “Solar for All, All for Solar” since their formation as an MTDC Symbiosis incubatee in 2013. After early market validation, they saw the blue ocean potential in solarising off-the-grid customers in rural, agricultural & island sites rather than getting urban premises to switch. This importantly, position Suncrox Solar differently than their competitors.

We started with refining their primary logo (ever so slightly, but as designers you can’t unsee even a minor flaw once you’ve seen it), followed by designing their product brands. Then, we compiled their brand assets in addition to creating new ones which were applied to a number of collateral. All these were put together in a Brand Guide as the definitive reference for their global teams. This enabled them to independently create new collateral for their numerous marketing activities and roll them out faster without having to get clearance from their Kuala Lumpur headquarters each and every time.